Colin Fletcher memorabiliaFollowing the footsteps of Colin Fletcher and through further research, author and wilderness guide Andreas M Cohrs met a handful of people who knew the private Walker. Here you find the collection of articles from or about the Walker along with some of his photographs. According to Fletcher’s will, most of his belongings today are administered by the UCSC. With their kind permission, Cohrs could use further material in the book The Thousand-Mile Summer Revisited. Photos shown on this website were donated by friends of Colin Fletcher or provided by the UCSC Colin Fletcher Archive.

The Colin Fletcher biography “Walking Man”. One of the most interesting characters I came to meet while researching the life and trails of the late Colin Fletcher has been Dr. Robert Wehrman. Suffering from a disease well known among us called Fletcheritis, he too spent a good deal of his time delving into Colin’s life and belongings. After many years of research, retracing some of the Walker’s routes, and exchanging tons of information, his biography of the Man Who Walked Through Time is about to be finished (more infos soon).

Robert has been following Colin’s adventures from the beginning. The biography is based on access to Colin’s personal documents, his photography, notes, diaries, correspondence and his unpublished auto-biography. The two of us have had quite a few laughs exchanging anecdotes about the Walker. Find all of it in Robert’s book.

Feel free to contact me for more information.                Best wishes – happy trails, Andreas M Cohrs

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Photos by Colin Fletcher*


Photos by Colin Fletcher. Courtesy of UCSC Colin Fletcher Archive, MDHCA, COLITA Publ.

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