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In Desert & High Sierra. Fletcher's Thousand-Mile Summer Revisited "CALIFORNIA SERENDIPITY"

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Four stars! Keeping Colin Fletcher's love of walking and adventure alive!

“Skipper Johnston”

( US )

Highly recommended! The author is a very good writer, and tells a very interesting story here. I was glad to get more color on Colin Fletcher, but this author has his own engaging tales to relate as well. His ruminations on cows are hilarious!

Dave Schaack

( Albuquerque, NM )

This book arrived last week and I started reading it over the weekend. I am really enjoy the experience. This gentleman tells us everything Colin didn't. How far he walked every day, where he stopped each night, everybody he met, and very detailed maps, with a history lesson thrown where needed about things and places he is experiencing. And the changes - 50 years later. Sorry, you can't camp here anymore. This is worth every penny.

“Amazon customer”

( US )

Wonderful book! Colin Fletcher is my favorite person and author in the whole world! I wish I could have met him. This book of course was not written by Mr. Fletcher but it does give insight into his life and the photos are priceless. Buy this book. Mr. Cohrs does a great job capturing the life of Colin Fletcher.

Patricia D. Halderman

( Lincoln, NE )

Five stars! Outstanding book based on the walk by Colin Fletcher…Mr. Cohrs captures the spirit of an earlier age in America….

Mark L. Duff

( Portland, OR )

A good read! I've read The Thousand Mile Summer a number of times in the past and read it again just prior to reading California Serendipity. It was a wonderful tribute to Colin Fletcher. I enjoyed the historical notes and the philosophical meanderings but at times found myself being overwhelmed by them and thus losing sight of the thousand mile summer adventure. Fletcher's books gave me a sense of his closeness to the earth that he walked but I didn't really get the same feeling reading Serendipity. Perhaps there were too many diversions that caused me to get lost along the way. Don't get me wrong, I would still recommend this book to fans of Fletcher or those curious about some of the early history or those who enjoy throwing on a pack and walking out into their own adventure.

Robert R. Root

( Rocklin, CA )

He cracked the code that had kept Fletcher hidden from his fans for years, Andy forged the trail I picked up to become Colin's biographer. I could not have discovered the way to Colin's secrets without Andy paving the way. Now, unlike Fletcher, who rarely wrote about the struggles, pain, and fear he underwent on his own walks, Andy gives us an honest picture of some of the difficulties Colin must have encountered. He gives it to us straight! This is refreshing! And walking the length of California (not on the PCT), we both agree, is a hell of a long walk. Read this book and you will discover in between the lines, hints about part of the true Colin Fletcher! And perhaps Andy will convince you that yes, you too should walk the length of Calufornia. Or perhaps his honesty will convince you to try something a bit easier!

Dr. Bob Wehrman

( Honolulu, HI )

Amazing Read - worth a lot more than $30! I love to read, but hardly find a book that I can stick with. From the moment I opened California Serendipity, I was unable to put it down. The words are placed together so eloquently, and quite humorously at times, that the reader can picture every scene, feel every feeling, and even sense with the writer's senses. The incorporated history is amazing, and I found myself stopping to look things up as I went along, wanting to know more. In the end, I was left with a renewed appreciation for our planet and all it still has to offer, even after being trampled on in so many places by those without a similar appreciation. I'll recommend this book to anyone that will listen - if you are reading these reveiws, then just go ahead and buy it. I personally guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


( US )

This is wild! A must-have for California hikers and everyone who is going outdoors and interested less in trail mathematics and GPS data but in the earth we walk upon, historical, geophysical, natural. Fun reading, with personal insight -- lots of information and interesting train of thoughts. Fletcher set the guideline and gave a rough orientation, Cohrs outwalked the Thousand Mile Summer and delivers exact route, obviously based on his forerunners maps and notes, and much more of what our guild is interested in. Premium layout, with fantastic photos, detailed maps, and a surprise rear dust jacket. Really wild ...


( US )

Great book, an amazing adventure! I like the way the author describes the places he hikes through. He describes the scenery well and he includes vignettes of interesting people and animals along the way. Great for outdoor people or for armchair adventurers, as well. There need to be more books of this type, which are hard to find, and rare in most libraries!

Curtis E. Nester

( Moneta, VA )

California Photography along the Thousand-Mile Summer


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