California impressions

Pictures taken during the Thousand-Mile Summer walk, retracing Colin Fletcher’s original route, based on his personal notes, photos and maps used in 1958. (for flora and fauna see Gallery)

CHAPTER I. Along the Colorado (Algodones, MEXICO, paralleling the river where possible, to Needles)

CHAPTER II. Across the Mojave (Sacramento Hills to Goffs, home of the MDHCA, crossing the Mojave preserve to Silurian Hills)

CHAPTER III. The Valley Called Death (Saratoga Springs, Amargosa Valley and Death Valley, to Stovepipe Wells)

CHAPTER IV. Over the Panamints (Lemoigne & Cottonwood Canyons, Hunter Mt., Saline & Eureka Valleys, to Deep Springs)

CHAPTER V. On the White Mountains (Wyman Canyon, Bristlecone Pine Forest, White Mountain Summit, Silver Canyon, to Big Pine)

CHAPTER VI. In High Sierra (Owen’s Valley, Piute Pass, Selden Pass, Silver Pass, Mammoth Pass, to Mammoth Lakes)

CHAPTER VII. Craters of History  (Mono Craters, Mono Lake, Bodie, to Bridgeport)

CHAPTER VIII. The Northern Sierra (East Walker River, Buckeye Canyon, West Walker River, Sonora, Silver King, to Markleeville)

CHAPTER IX. Tahoe Donner (Lake Tahoe, Donner Pass, Truckee, to Honey Lake)

CHAPTER X. Warner Mountain Surprise (South Warner Wilderness, Summit Trail, Surprise Valley, Highgrade, to New Pine Creek, OREGON)

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