Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Ass.

2012 MDHCA Logo letterheadThe Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association, based at Goffs in the East Mojave Desert, was founded by Dennis G. Casebier in 1993. Formed as a nonprofit extension of the already-established volunteer organization, the Friends of the Mojave Road, its mission is to research and conserve the natural and cultural history of the Mojave Desert region for the purpose of preserving and sharing these resources in perpetuity.

The organization’s approach to achieving these goals is through education. That education is accomplished through operation of a research center, library, and archives, restoration of significant structures, conservation of historic open space, educational field trips in the desert, interpretation of backcountry trails, and production of educational guidebooks and historical publications in concert with government agencies and people of good faith everywhere. MDHCA publishes the periodical Mojave Road Report newsletter and many more books and guides like the Tales of the Mojave Road publications.

The Goffs depot, a replica of the original railroad station

Back to school. The Goffs schoolhouse

The railroad

The stamp mills

The wind mills

Desert engineering

The rendezvous / Spring & fall encampments

Find the difference in these two scenes

When the lights go down in Goffs

Publications from the Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association, Goffs.

  • Mojave Road Guide – An Adventure Through Time – Dennis G. Casebier; Tales of the Mojave Road Publ. Co., 1986.
  • Guide to the East Mojave Heritage Trail (4 editions) – Dennis G. Casebier; Tales of the Mojave Road Publ. Co., 1987.
  • Goffs & its Schoolhouse – Dennis G. Casebier; Tales of the Mojave Road Publ. Co., 1995.

For more literature or information on how to support the work of the association or participate in its heritage and land conservation program, contact: MdhCA · 37198 Lanfair Road, G-15 · Essex, CA 92332

or visit You will receive a complimentary issue of the Mojave Road Report.

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